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For social-cause entrepreneurs, who venture to create a positive change in the world, crowd funding sites can also provide financing and resources. Non -Profits are often faced with a unique challenge when designing their websites. Like other websites, they need to clearly communicate the mission of the organization, have a clear call to action, and engage their audience.


WOW , a novel initiative in Solid Waste Management envisages a clean Kerala which is free of solid waste. WOW has taken this primarily as a social commitment to natural environment and a livelihood for many people. The campaign intents to change people’s attitude towards solid waste especially PLASTIC by making the aware of proper usage and disposal methods.


  • W.O.W Foundation
  • Calicut
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Website Design & Web App Development

  • Date: Jan 2015
  • Status: Live
Participation Management | Blog | Bid management

Social Media App

  • Date: Jan 2015
  • Status: Live
Facebook – App Invites | Facebook Page Tab | Facebook Share & Comment Plugin | Facebook - Posting as a Page

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